Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Speech Therapy
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Therapy 4 Kids, Inc. offers specialized
treatment for children with developmental,
neuromuscular and sensorimotor needs in a
variety of environments. We offer occupational,
physical and speech-language therapy
services in the child’s own home or at
our clinic site. We provide specialized,
family-centered therapy to help each child
reach his or her greatest potential. We
work closely with family members and
other support services your child may receive.

We serve children of all ages, birth through
adolescence. Typical diagnoses include:
developmental delay; learning disability;
sensory processing disorder, sensory defensiveness; congenital abnormality; neurological impairment; and neurological disorder.
  5110 South Yale Avenue - Suite 102 , Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135, Phone: 918-492-2386, Fax: 918-645-8686
We are very proud to have a cooperative alliance with Tulsa Center for Child Psychology (TCCP).
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